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"Gorirossi doesn’t pull back. Ever. This play is full throttle the whole way through- these two have to be exhausted at the end of every show. Their energy is palpable and their concentration is almost too much to bear." BITR Sisters

Sep 25, 2018

<p>"Go! This is a Baltimore premiere, and a kick off to another season at Fells Point Corner Theater. This show is way more intricate and intense than the title leads you to believe. There is something for everyone, romantic comedy, drama, reality theater, discussion of novels, power struggles, and an overarching theme of redemption. This show is beautiful and well paced, the acting is impressive, and the direction is bold. Grab a date and run, do not walk, to this show before it ends." -BITR Sisters</p>
<p>Read the full review at <a href="">BITR Sisters</a></p>