Performances for Saturday 3/19 and Sunday 3/20 have been cancelled.

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Thursdays* - 8:00pm 

Fridays - 8:00pm 

Saturdays - 8:00pm 

Sundays - 2:00pm 

$20 Fridays and Saturdays

$15 Sundays

P.W.Y.C Thursdays

*Thursday shows on March 17th and 24th only*


March 11th - April 3rd, 2016

A spooky, sex-comedy begins at the end…the end of a long day. The Director has auditioned too many actresses and is left to this one. He’s looking for the perfect actress to play the part in his “adapted” play – she’s looking to give the best audition in her questionable career. Here is a suspense-packed study of blistering erotic (and semiotic) power play in which the director and the actress prove to be seriously, almost scarily adept.

"The teeter-tottering test of wills that takes place in VENUS IN FUR makes even the most fraught encounter between a domineering director and a sensitive performer seem like a play date in the sandbox.”

New York Times

“Venus in Fur invites both carnal and cerebral excitement.” 

Village Voice


Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Lynda McClary

CAST:  Anne Shoemaker and Andrew Porter

Press Photos

by TBD

Photo 1: Andrew Porter (Thomas) and Anne Shoemaker (Vanda)

Photo 2: Anne Shoemaker (Vanda) and Andrew Porter (Thomas)

Photo 3: Anne Shoemaker (Vanda) and Andrew Porter (Thomas)

Photo 4: Andrew Porter (Thomas) and Anne Shoemaker (Vanda)

Photo 5: Anne Shoemaker (Vanda) and Andrew Porter (Thomas)

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