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Thursdays* - 8:00pm 

Fridays - 8:00pm 

Saturdays - 8:00pm 

Sundays - 2:00pm 

$20 Fridays and Saturdays

$15 Sundays

P.W.Y.C Thursdays

*Thursday show on November 5th only*


October 23rd - November 8th, 2015

Pinter’s haunting and time-bending fusion of simmering menace and sizzling desire presents the eternal triangle --- a husband, a wife, and the wife’s lover/husband’s best friend. Betrayal brilliantly captures the fractured lives of adulterers torn between two beds and two sets of memories.

“BETRAYAL concerns itself with the devious workings of the human heart, with love and guilt and passion. And it does so with emotional depth, subtlety and an immense technical panache.”

The London Telegraph

“…marvelous scenes packed with suppressed tension, torn loyalties and confused unspoken feelings.”

New York Times

“BETRAYAL is an exquisite play, brilliantly simple in form and courageous…”  



Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Andrew J. Porter

CAST:  Gareth Kelly, Ryan Gunning, Thom Eric Sinn

Press Photos

by Tessa Sollway Blische

Photo 1: Gareth Kelly(Robert), Ryan Gunning (Emma), Thom Eric Sinn(Jerry)

Photo 2: Thom Eric Sinn(Jerry), Gareth Kelly(Robert), and Ryan Gunning (Emma)

Photo 3: Thom Eric Sinn(Jerry) and Gareth Kelly(Robert)

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