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*Thursday shows on April 23rd and

April 30th only*


April 17 - May 10 2015

Step inside a home where suppressed desires, familial secrets, jealousy and absolute power reign...

Fells Point Corner Theater presents this timeless and passionate production of The House of Bernarda Alba by Frederico Garcia Lorca, adapted by Kate Bishop. A tyrannical, widowed matriarch decrees that her five daughters must be shut away from the world and mourn the passing of their father for eight years.  What happens when protecting our children inhibits their development as human beings? How can we honor our past and our traditions while nurturing a new generation?

“The House of Bernarda Alba combines an allegorical attack on the Fascism that was taking over Spain in 1936 with a searingly sad view of what can happen when passions are repressed under the guidance of a strong religion.”



The Bad Oracle -, 04/26/15

"The House of Bernarda Alba is stacked with lady actors...Throw in some crazy and creepy that makes your skin crawl, and you’ve got an entertaining night out in Fells Point."

- River Styx, TheBadOracle.Com

Production Credits

DIRECTOR:  Richard Barber

CAST:  Helenmary Ball, Kate Bailey Metkus, Margaret Condon, Melissa McCartney, Ren Pepitone, Amy Mulvihill, Jennifer Hasselbusch, Linae Bullock, Kyna MacKenzie, Ruta Douglas Smith  

Press Photos

by Nat Raum

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