September 13 - October 13, 2013

Do you Durang? We open our 2013-2014 season with the master of the absurd, the unconventional, the wacky, the downright ridiculous, the 2013 Tony Award Winning playwright, Christopher Durang. These short plays find the "dramamine in drama." These twisted, dysfunctional, irreverent tales will make you laugh and cry and then both love and hate yourself for it.

"Christopher Durang has the wit, the high rebellious spirits, and the rage of a born satirist."

- The New Yorker

"These works have so many good lines that quoting them could enliven a week's worth of dull dinner parties."

- NY Times

Production Credits

DIRECTOR: Andrew J. Porter  CAST: Megah Farber, Christopher L. Hamilton, Caroline C. Kiebach, Hillary Mazer, Beverly Shannon, Lonnie DeVaughan Simmons, Alex Smith, Mike Smith, Jose Reyes Teneza   MUSICIAN: Katie Fisher   CHOREOGRAPHER: Sandra Atkinson   STAGE MANAGER: Audra Mains   LIGHTING DESIGN: David Herzfeld   EXECUTIVE PRODUCER: Rick Stover